5 Questions To Ask In A Restaurant Survey

5 Questions To Ask In A Restaurant Survey
    • Do you like the foods served?
    • Were the waiters cordial and helpful?
    • On a scale of 10, how would you rate our service?
    • Would you recommend our restaurant to a friend?
    If you think the above-listed questions are necessarily the most important questions to be asked in a restaurant survey, you should still think again! These are of course the basic questions that essentially form the base of a survey; but in today’s volatile and extremely competitive marketing ecosystem; a restaurant needs to be agile, outgoing and outthinking in its approach to cater to the needs of demanding audience; who if not served well, would not think twice to never visit you again.

    The first step towards developing a solid customer relationship in the hospitality industry is to understand where you stand and how can you progress; and having surveys help you access a lot of ideas the implementation of which can actually be a great help for your institution. The answers derived from the survey should pinpoint the areas that need improvement, ideas that you lack, and most importantly the result you always wanted to know.

    The type of questions that you should ask on a restaurant survey should be direct, simple, uncluttered and designed to not consume enough time of the attendee.

    Here is a list of five questions that should be on the priority list of your survey questionnaire

    Question No 1
    What is it that you think we should improve?

    Question No 2
    What is the one area you think we do really well?

    Question No 3
    How did you know about us?

    Question No 4
    Do you want us to meet on Facebook, Twitter?

    Question No 5
    Would you visit us again?

    Although there are many questions which you can ask and incorporate into the survey, but the above mentioned questions actually form the essence and layout of the survey.

    When you ask what is the area that you need to improve, you essentially request for more methodical, pinpointed answer which can help you excel your hospitality.

    When you ask what is the area that you think we do well, you want to improve that area after narrowing down on the specialized feedback.

    Questions like social media availability and reasons for revisit stresses on the fact that you want to take up the new age marketing concept. People come to visit your place because they know you want to improve.

    These pinpointed Restaurant Market survey or in other words Survey for Restaurant, and question in a restaurant survey should help you narrow down on the most basic points which can help your restaurant.


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