Top Survey Trends For 2017

Top Survey Trends For 2017

Thoughtful practice of Online Survey yields better feedback which can be proactively used to improve the quality of life. With the introduction of new range of technology and pinpointed mechanisms, it is extremely simple and hassle-free to narrow down on personalized results.

This article briefly explains the key trends that are shaping the entire survey industry and how these trends are vitally changing the entire segment of research and survey; perhaps for good. Read on, and for any feedback or suggestions, we welcome your comment on this article

Mobile survey – The Now is hand-held

With more and more internet penetration and the use of smartphones and other handheld devices such as tablet; it has become extremely important that Surveys and Marketing Researches be designed specifically for mobile savvy audiences and in such a way that they can easily access the data and hence interact with the survey to better represent their standalone views; which unitedly make up the mass view and core survey data. That’s why marketers are designing surveys which are compatible for mobile phones for better and improved user engagement

Micro survey

The age is all about mobile phone. And people today want to read short, and simple text – and when it comes to surveys; micro surveys rule. The short and simple the survey is; with lesser number of questions. If your questions are very thoughtful and have the credibility to yield better pinpointed answers but if they are long and imposing; people would skip the questions and hence accurately structured results would not be feasible. That’s why surveys need to be short and simple.


SAAS (software as a service) and other tools to automate the entire segment of survey is prevailing. Today, latest technologies and cloud are making surveys automated. The saved data about a profile and his feedback can be used to display personalized result about his preferences. Therefore, the trend of automation is scaling new heights.

These are some of the most notable trends that are changing and helping the growth driver for the Survey Industry. The survey industry has met with a range of facelift since a few years. With the introduction of new age development strategy and technological innovations; the entire growth strategy is changing. The survey industry is expected to meet with newer range of changes in the days to come. Meanwhile; should you wanted to learn more about survey trends 2017, Online Survey; we recommend you visit website

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