Can a Customer Feedback Survey Help Your Business?

Can a Customer Feedback Survey Help Your Business?

Yes, a customer feedback survey helps a business grow predominantly. Customer feedback is something that plays a seminal role in revving up a company’s prominence remarkably. It also makes a big difference in dealing with anything dodgy that bottlenecks your efforts to grow your business further. So while your company conducts an Online Survey, ensure importantly that the customers are able to share candid viewpoints with your business in a well-timed fashion. For example, a Customer Feedback Survey should be mailed or sent electronically soon after the customer purchases something from your company or makes a pay for the service. Waiting too long is not a recommendation, as you may get below the mark results because, in general, it is hard for a customer to remember the experience or he/she may take no notice of the survey thoroughly. Customers should feel secure enough to be candid with whoever is taking the survey. Maybe the survey taker may ask a customer to write out a comment card after a service is carried out. If customers are of the view as if they are being “watched,” they may right away fill out the card and the answers may not give the viewpoint as if how they truly think about the experience. This way, customers are able to give feedback on their own time without any pressure.

Once the feedback is amassed, here are a handful of ways to use this information to develop your business and quantify customer satisfaction:

1.Upgrade your business product or service: All feedback should be collected and stored. If several customers are omitting the similar type of feedback, this implies that your product or service is missing a cardinal constituent or entails an update. Put all feedback together so that your development team can readily make any potential changes to optimize your product or service. You can continue evaluating customer satisfaction as soon as you have put these changes into being.

2.Share social listening feedback internally: Based on who actually is dealing with your social media channels, there are pretty odds that your customer feedback will reach a dead-end. It is essential that any customer comments or posts can arrive at the target audience. If the comment is about billing strategies, make sure it gets to the accounting department. If the comment is related to a turnaround wait for a technician to arrive, ensure the dispatcher is well informed of the same.

3.Optimize your employee training process: From giving attention to what customers are saying, you can forecast what will be important to teach when nurturing new employees. For example, if customers are typically puzzled looking at the portal on your website, ensure new employees are geared up to give answers to any questions and walk customers through.

4.Follow up and pass on the changes to your customers: Last but not least, it matters predominantly to let customers know that you are listening and what they say also retain a great importance for them. When there is a service/ product update in your business, make sure that you also make your target customers aware of the same. This way, your customers will ensure easily that they are heard!

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