Making the Most Out of Your Comment Card System

When implementing any customer feedback system, it is important to take full advantage of the system. The same goes for the comment card system. To begin with, you should take your time and plan an effective strategy. You should also be keen on asking questions that will benefit your business. Finally, you also need to design the card in a way that is accessible to guests. To make the most out of your comment card system, you should consider the following tips.

Use a Reputable site

For the online comment cards to be taken seriously by your target audience, they need to be professionally designed. This can only be done using powerful tools provided by the leading online survey companies. Therefore, you should use professional tools to create the comment cards.

Comment Card System - sfb

Make it Short and Precise

All the questions and information on the cards should be well designed in a clear and straightforward manner. The questions should be straight to the point and use minimal words possible to convey the accurate information. A good comment card should not take the responden6t more than a minute to fill.

Notify your Respondents of the Cards

In addition to using the best and most convenient method possible to send out the cards, you should also let the guests know that the cards need their attention. Otherwise, only a few people will know that the cards exist in the first place, let alone filling them. This will in turn lead to a low response rate, which will not give you substantial information to make a wise business decision. To notify the respondents, you may send them notification emails or include a link to the card on your website.

Offer Incentives

In most cases, people are motivated by getting something in return for their spend time. To increase the response rate on your cards and make the comment card system more effective, you should consider offering the respondents something in return for filling the comment cards fully. For instance, you can offer them a 10 percent discount the next time they visit your outlet, provided that they filled the card fully.

Acknowledge the Respondent’s Time

If a respondent fills the card fully with useful information and leaves his or her contact information, you should write him or her personal note thanking him or her for the time. This is particularly useful for the clients who leave a bad comment about the company. This will make them know that you have taken their complaint into account and are doing something about it.

Once used properly, the comment card system is a valuable tool, which will help you what customers think of your business.


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