How Customer Survey Can Improve Business ROI?

The ‘obvious’ and ‘surprising’ benefits of customer survey

There are more than many reasons why marketers have always taken customer surveys seriously across industry segments. A survey when done well throws light into the process, system and working structure of a company thereby helping it grow rapidly. A survey pinpoints key areas that need to be improved, it allows a company to understand which products and services of it are doing good and which need facelift. When designed and structured well; it can help a company access personalized facts, which a company can smartly use to holistically serve its targeted audience.

Also, a survey offers a company valuable channel through which customers can express their feedback. In today’s highly evolving digital marketing landscape, anyone can turn to social media to vent their anger against a company. So, when a company sponsored survey is undertaken, customers become happy you are taking their views and feedback about your product and services seriously and that you acknowledge you have social responsibility to not just simply sell solutions but also to listen to people who help you grow.

Customer survey helps a company retain its customers. The feedback availed from survey can be easily used to pinpoint the areas where a company need to focus more, the better you serve your customers, more likely is that you can keep them with you. That’s why survey plays a crucial role in ensuring you keep on getting valued customers and based on the products and services served, you improve your offerings even better to meet their standalone needs.

How to design and develop audience-centric and high ROI driven customer survey

Develop a customer-based model
Identify key attributes
Customize your key attributes across segments
Be timely relevant
Connect customer royalty to customer loyalty
Monetize customer satisfaction

Now, let us get into the crux of today’s topic – how customer survey can help improve a business ROI; short for return out of investment

There are some awesomely simple ways a good, audience centric customer survey can help improve ROI.

1) Helping business narrow down on the problem area

A business can get great insight into its work culture and service spectrum by getting specialized feedback concerning its products and service. By improving the area, it can enhance the offerings and even retain customers and thereby improve its ROI

2) Understand audience preferences during a changing landscape

A customer survey can help a business understand the preferences of its targeted audience and then change it according to the evolving times. By doing so, it can preferably attune itself with the landscape of audience-centric business; which help the business gain high ROI

3) Survey can retain customer

When a customer survey is done using top of the mark industry standard; it can yield better result and help retain customer by ensuring them they are special and counted!

To learn more about customer satisfaction survey service, survey online; please visit the website.

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5 Questions To Ask In A Restaurant Survey

5 Questions To Ask In A Restaurant Survey
    • Do you like the foods served?
    • Were the waiters cordial and helpful?
    • On a scale of 10, how would you rate our service?
    • Would you recommend our restaurant to a friend?
    If you think the above-listed questions are necessarily the most important questions to be asked in a restaurant survey, you should still think again! These are of course the basic questions that essentially form the base of a survey; but in today’s volatile and extremely competitive marketing ecosystem; a restaurant needs to be agile, outgoing and outthinking in its approach to cater to the needs of demanding audience; who if not served well, would not think twice to never visit you again.

    The first step towards developing a solid customer relationship in the hospitality industry is to understand where you stand and how can you progress; and having surveys help you access a lot of ideas the implementation of which can actually be a great help for your institution. The answers derived from the survey should pinpoint the areas that need improvement, ideas that you lack, and most importantly the result you always wanted to know.

    The type of questions that you should ask on a restaurant survey should be direct, simple, uncluttered and designed to not consume enough time of the attendee.

    Here is a list of five questions that should be on the priority list of your survey questionnaire

    Question No 1
    What is it that you think we should improve?

    Question No 2
    What is the one area you think we do really well?

    Question No 3
    How did you know about us?

    Question No 4
    Do you want us to meet on Facebook, Twitter?

    Question No 5
    Would you visit us again?

    Although there are many questions which you can ask and incorporate into the survey, but the above mentioned questions actually form the essence and layout of the survey.

    When you ask what is the area that you need to improve, you essentially request for more methodical, pinpointed answer which can help you excel your hospitality.

    When you ask what is the area that you think we do well, you want to improve that area after narrowing down on the specialized feedback.

    Questions like social media availability and reasons for revisit stresses on the fact that you want to take up the new age marketing concept. People come to visit your place because they know you want to improve.

    These pinpointed Restaurant Market survey or in other words Survey for Restaurant, and question in a restaurant survey should help you narrow down on the most basic points which can help your restaurant.

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    Top Survey Trends For 2017

    Top Survey Trends For 2017

    Thoughtful practice of Online Survey yields better feedback which can be proactively used to improve the quality of life. With the introduction of new range of technology and pinpointed mechanisms, it is extremely simple and hassle-free to narrow down on personalized results.

    This article briefly explains the key trends that are shaping the entire survey industry and how these trends are vitally changing the entire segment of research and survey; perhaps for good. Read on, and for any feedback or suggestions, we welcome your comment on this article

    Mobile survey – The Now is hand-held

    With more and more internet penetration and the use of smartphones and other handheld devices such as tablet; it has become extremely important that Surveys and Marketing Researches be designed specifically for mobile savvy audiences and in such a way that they can easily access the data and hence interact with the survey to better represent their standalone views; which unitedly make up the mass view and core survey data. That’s why marketers are designing surveys which are compatible for mobile phones for better and improved user engagement

    Micro survey

    The age is all about mobile phone. And people today want to read short, and simple text – and when it comes to surveys; micro surveys rule. The short and simple the survey is; with lesser number of questions. If your questions are very thoughtful and have the credibility to yield better pinpointed answers but if they are long and imposing; people would skip the questions and hence accurately structured results would not be feasible. That’s why surveys need to be short and simple.


    SAAS (software as a service) and other tools to automate the entire segment of survey is prevailing. Today, latest technologies and cloud are making surveys automated. The saved data about a profile and his feedback can be used to display personalized result about his preferences. Therefore, the trend of automation is scaling new heights.

    These are some of the most notable trends that are changing and helping the growth driver for the Survey Industry. The survey industry has met with a range of facelift since a few years. With the introduction of new age development strategy and technological innovations; the entire growth strategy is changing. The survey industry is expected to meet with newer range of changes in the days to come. Meanwhile; should you wanted to learn more about survey trends 2017, Online Survey; we recommend you visit website
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    How to Maximize Employee Engagement Survey ROI

    How to Maximize Employee Engagement Survey ROI

    Which are the key drivers of resource mobilization at your office? How thoughtfully employees can be represented into unified and mutually beneficial role? Which areas need working to reduce the rate of disengagement at work? Answers to all these vital key-to-growth questions and more can be achieved using a properly structured, evenly balanced and farsighted Employee Engagement Survey. A good survey in this respect yields better findings and has been over the years proven extremely beneficial.

    Importance of employee engagement survey

    Measure employee engagement
    Helps your employees raise a voice
    Improve employee engagement
    Offers a number of areas that need working for structured organizational growth
    Yields benchmark results

    A Survey helps employees collaborate on ideas to improve process and outcomes, it lets them feel empowered to come up with innovative solutions, once their feedback is incorporated; they are charged with positive energy, which finally makes them more productive.

    Maximize Employee Engagement Survey ROI

    Ask the right questions
    Incorporate detailed, long form and time taking approach for better in depth feedback
    Learn target audience
    Using the feedback in future and thus storing it holistically
    Know when to get inspired

    Ask the right questions

    To enhance the overall progress related to survey and improve its ROI; it is very vital that the questions be prepared and asked to the right people and proper set of most important questions that yield better and pinpointed answers are asked. The more defined the questions are and more informative the answers; better ROI can you expect when suggestions and findings are out.

    Incorporate detailed, long form and time taking approach for better in depth feedback

    Quite often with the sole expectation to get quicker feedback and automate the process of feedback implementation; organizations use short, quick and simple survey; which is helpful if you need quick result. However, for better ROI, you need to incorporate time taking, long-form and pinpointed approach and wait until the feedback is generated. A comprehensive approach yields better result and offers better ROI

    Learn target audience

    When it comes to maximizing employee survey ROI, it is important to know who your audiences are, and what do you want them to answer. If you are asking extremely happy resources repeatedly the same set of questions, new answers or innovations may not come in sight. That’s why, for maximum innovation and ROI; it is important that you know which resources to direct the survey to.

    Using the feedback in future and thus storing it holistically

    Maximizing ROI does not necessarily mean using feedback to its maximum potential when the survey results are out. It also means using the results in smart and simple manner and storing the feedback experiences securely and in such a way that the efforts and investments made in the survey can be used in future as well.

    Other than the facts mentioned, it is also important that the innovative steps are used to maximize survey ROI, and as much as possible implement result driven, smart and holistic measures to quickly improve the feedback
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    How to Design a Real Estate Survey?

    How to Design a Real Estate Survey?

    Designing of real surveys is easy with Surveyforbusiness

    When it comes to interviewing people, it is an easy process, although it may seem relatively difficult when it comes to creating a survey. We at Surveyforbusiness help you to deal with this step with full easiness. In the long run of the process, Online Surveys can be viewed as an art and science, but they are not witchcraft! The first and the most fundamental step to be taken is to ensure what your goal is. Ensure why do want to take the survey? What insights are you expecting? What data are you looking for? Make sure that you are aware of the purports and intents of your survey – then the survey will seem a real smasher!

    The tips and tricks to design a real survey:

    When designing a survey, a number of decisions have to be made, but if you reckon with a few basic rules, it can help you in resolving the right decision. The following are a handful of tips for creating a survey that will help you get the answers you need.

    1.Use formatting.

     Add similar questions in groups to make your survey look logical and focused. With page breaks, page titles and instructions, you assist the respondents in getting at the content and reason of your questions mightily.

    2.Ask frequently.

     Including the same question in a series of surveys or even within the same survey is a great way to form a basis and to ensure the attitudes of the respondents.

    3.Keep it snappy.

     Keep your questions and surveys as brief as possible to raise the interest of respondents and encourage them to carry out the survey.

    4.Chew on the subject.

     If you are already asking personal or sensitive questions at the beginning, you may be frightening the respondents. Save such questions – if they are really necessary – rather to the end.

    5.Formulate precisely.

     Set in your survey questions, each always treats only one idea to make sure that respondents become aware of your question correctly. Unclear, out-of-the-way or multi-part questions can be puzzling and hard to answer.

    6.Time and time again.

     Explain everything that could be interpreted in a range of ways. You want to determine in a political survey whether a person is old-fashioned or not? Ensure the style of the clothes, the political attitude, the taste of the music; the preferences in terms of food or the way of life of the person (just to mention a few examples).

    7.Keep it relevant.

     Ensure that the respondents are paying attention to something by giving a display of the questions that are pertinent to them. A great way to ensure this is to use the branching logic to remove trifle issues.

    8.Avoid yes / no questions

     With yes/no questions, you cannot get a hold of the opinions of people who are still skeptical in certain opinions – or in simple words, with yes/no questions, you do not get the information you are looking for!

    9.Avoid using a matrix.

     When a matrix is ​​presented to the respondents, they typically focus on the right filling of the grid instead of the exact answer to the question, which in turn have an effect on the quality of your collected data.

    10.Use words, not numbers.

     When giving responses, it is a sensible idea to use phrases for example “relatively unlikely” or “extremely likely” and not numbers such as “2” or “4” to indicate the degree of preference.

    Hopefully, the aforesaid steps, we at Surveyforbusiness have mentioned, will be instrumental in designing a real survey.
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    Can a Customer Feedback Survey Help Your Business?

    Can a Customer Feedback Survey Help Your Business?

    Yes, a customer feedback survey helps a business grow predominantly. Customer feedback is something that plays a seminal role in revving up a company’s prominence remarkably. It also makes a big difference in dealing with anything dodgy that bottlenecks your efforts to grow your business further. So while your company conducts an Online Survey, ensure importantly that the customers are able to share candid viewpoints with your business in a well-timed fashion. For example, a Customer Feedback Survey should be mailed or sent electronically soon after the customer purchases something from your company or makes a pay for the service. Waiting too long is not a recommendation, as you may get below the mark results because, in general, it is hard for a customer to remember the experience or he/she may take no notice of the survey thoroughly. Customers should feel secure enough to be candid with whoever is taking the survey. Maybe the survey taker may ask a customer to write out a comment card after a service is carried out. If customers are of the view as if they are being “watched,” they may right away fill out the card and the answers may not give the viewpoint as if how they truly think about the experience. This way, customers are able to give feedback on their own time without any pressure.

    Once the feedback is amassed, here are a handful of ways to use this information to develop your business and quantify customer satisfaction:

    1.Upgrade your business product or service: All feedback should be collected and stored. If several customers are omitting the similar type of feedback, this implies that your product or service is missing a cardinal constituent or entails an update. Put all feedback together so that your development team can readily make any potential changes to optimize your product or service. You can continue evaluating customer satisfaction as soon as you have put these changes into being.

    2.Share social listening feedback internally: Based on who actually is dealing with your social media channels, there are pretty odds that your customer feedback will reach a dead-end. It is essential that any customer comments or posts can arrive at the target audience. If the comment is about billing strategies, make sure it gets to the accounting department. If the comment is related to a turnaround wait for a technician to arrive, ensure the dispatcher is well informed of the same.

    3.Optimize your employee training process: From giving attention to what customers are saying, you can forecast what will be important to teach when nurturing new employees. For example, if customers are typically puzzled looking at the portal on your website, ensure new employees are geared up to give answers to any questions and walk customers through.

    4.Follow up and pass on the changes to your customers: Last but not least, it matters predominantly to let customers know that you are listening and what they say also retain a great importance for them. When there is a service/ product update in your business, make sure that you also make your target customers aware of the same. This way, your customers will ensure easily that they are heard!
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    Top 5 Steps to Create an Effective Customer Survey

    Top 5 Steps to Create an Effective Customer Survey

    So, you have made up your mind to survey your customers but you do not know how to create down-to-earth customer surveys. Well, to help you get you out of the woods, here are five effective steps to create effective customer surveys that will help you learn how much do your target customer appreciate your business.

    1. Set and define Your Survey’s Objectives Well

    The prime thing to reckon with about survey is to set your objectives and shed light on them. Ensure exactly that thing that you want to know? Do you go through an issue that needs to be resolved? What actions are you preparing to put into practice based on the results of the survey? Create an online survey with less-focused objectives, and you virtually vouch for a survey with undecided results. Create a list of the questions that your survey is supposed to answer. Are you intrigued to learn what your customers’ satisfaction levels are by section? Do you want to inquire if they would recommend your company to others? Do you want to assess what format and how frequently your customers prefer to receive communications from your marketing department? Target the big picture, and keep your objectives narrowly valued; more complex surveys tend to deliver less significant results.

    2. Choose Your Survey’s Target

    For whom you are going to conduct an Online Survey? Most people do so for their existing customer base, but it is a great thought to consider potential customers too. The exact size of survey samples is based on the budget and the time available to assess the results and follow up on them. Statistically, larger sample sizes deliver picture-perfect results. The breaking piece of news is that today, The World Wide Web facilitates to sample large-sized groups promptly and cost-effectively.

    3. Assign a Priority to Your Questions

    Evidently, every survey centers upon a specific set of questions, but with a variety of options, where do you start from? It is worth the idea to create questions about your goals and objectives from Step 1. What customers’ attitudes or initiatives do you want to evaluate? What type of answers would help you in resolving more informed decisions? Keep in mind to invariably offer an option that enables a recipient to say, “I don’t know” or skip a question completely, particularly when you are entailing subjective opinions vs. quantifiable facts. Also, do not include a maximum number questions; the briefer the survey, the better are your chances of success.

    4. Test the Survey

    It may sound perceptible, but before you hit “Send” and put the survey on air to your favored sample world, ensure to test it meticulously on a range of PC platforms, operating systems, Web browsers, etc. Try to “break” it in any way you can, because it’s an unpredictable technology world out there.

    5. Analyze and Act Upon the Results

    As soon as you send a survey and results start turning up, it is time to start analyzing the data. And as soon as it is in your database, it can be sliced, diced and analyzed as required in spreadsheets, presentation programs and statistical software. Finally, it’s time to take action. Compare the results of your survey to your unique objectives, giving recommendations to specific business responses as a result.

    For more information on customer surveys, contact us at
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